{Social Media & Event Marketing}

Developed a superior social media strategy for Atlanta's premier dining magazine.


Exemplary ability to build brand social media presence from the ground up.


Ability to craft the unique voice of a brand.


Assist in the social media management and coaching of local boutiques and non-profit organizations.


Work has been mentioned in various notable publications.


Abba Patio
DiningOut Magazine Cover
DiningOut Magazine Cover
DiningOut Magazine Cover
DiningOut Magazine Cover

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In 2008 my son was diagnosed with ASD and I struggled to get the correct services for him. Once services were found I had to fight for the services that were available. I was forced to leave my career and care for my son living off my savings and retirement. (Which I would do all over again, if I had to). As I made my journey, I found few organizations that supported African American families with children on the autism spectrum. Because of a lack of support I found there were huge disparities

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